“Hi Kate, love your blog! Crosshatch (or Basket Weave Pattern) Back then, we bet no one knew that these rectangle tiles were about to become more than just public transport decor! The potted plants, woven rattan stool, and vintage bohemian rug add a little eclectic personality to the mix of classic tile patterns! Posted on April 19, 2019 April 19, 2019 Author admin Categories AC Stock, Contemporary, Custom Designs, Design, Decide your Subway Tile Pattern. Part of their appeal is the clean, contemporary look while retaining a bit of visual charm with the tiled look itself – laying subway tiles in a space is a nice way to keep the background subtle but still interesting and chic. Subway tiles are rectangular-shaped tiles that are typically laid in a running bond or offset pattern. The horizontal herringbone “swims” right to left instead of up and down, resulting in an even fresher take on an already trendy design. One of the easiest subway tile treatments to install is the stacked bond pattern -- aligned, evenly stacked rows of same-size tiles. Pretty sure that every blogger who has ever existed has posted a tutorial on subway tile. This is one of the subway tile patterns that creates a pleasing linear look! Subway tiles have been a staple in interior design since the early 1900’s, when they were first designed for the newly constructed subway system in New York City. image source. Subway tiles have quite a design history, having been around for an exceptionally long time. This grid style pattern may be the most basic, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of style! Learn More Here. Subway tiles have come a long way since the turn of the nineteenth century, making endless patterns you can create using subway tile! Our Installation Guide provides a step-by-step visual of the installation process, showing you how to lay down tile using the current standards for tile installation in today’s market. Popular on backsplashes, subway tiles attain new heights of style in a herringbone layout. A horizontal running bond or brick set installation is the most popular style for subway tile, and also the most traditional. designed with white subway tiles like our, If you’re wondering how much you can play around with a bunch of simple rectangles, here are some of the best ways to. Just like the brick pattern, use a high contrast grout to pop up the tiles, showcase your pattern and give it a more modern look! Displaying both historically accurate and wholly unique designs, the Gallery gives an introduction to designing with Subway Mosaics in both contemporary and traditional ways. For a futuristic vibe in an ultra-modern space, how about combining stainless steel inserts with your subway tiles? Kitchen Backsplashes Tile Backsplashes Kitchen Tile Backsplashes Kitchens Materials and Supplies Tile Extended Design Upon first glance, this subway tile backsplash may not seem extraordinary, but by continuing the tile all the way to the ceiling, the room feels larger, the walls are easy to clean and the kitchen boasts more texture and interest. Classic ceramic subway tile is one of the most affordable types of tile per square foot. Basket weave patterns created with subway tile are a modern take on a traditional favorite, rendering it a great choice for transitional spaces. Play around with color for the tile or the grout, like here in Laura & Ray’s Art-Filled Austin Home. And in general, the overall pattern you see below is our favorite type of shower enclosure tile installation. Love this look? http://TheCraftsmanBlog.com Learn how to properly prep, cut, and install classic subway tile in an old house. There are two kinds of stacked patterns and both are making waves in interiors at the moment - the vertical stacked bond and the horizontal stacked bond! The glazed ceramic finish of these beautiful tiles adds a soothing, iridescent shines! You can create a modern monochrome kitchen that makes a stunning statement with Mallorca Black 2.5x8 tiles. For a bit of drama, choose a darker grout selection paired with light tile. Gorgeous Variations on Laying Subway Tile. Subway tiles are more than just a hygienic solution these days – they’re an opportunity to style your floor, wall, or backsplash in unexpected ways and create a unique home that reflects your style! Kitchen Wall . Next, sketch your design on the wall and lay out the the tiles on a large table. There you have it! If you’re thinking of going for a bold and colorful accent wall with blue glazed ceramic tiles, a crisp white grout will make the blue tiles pop! Add modern accents to your subway tile backsplash for an "old meets new" theme, or install metal accents in a subway tile backsplash that coordinate with your appliances or bathroom fixtures. If you prefer to minimize the contrast between your tiles, try to match your grout to the material as closely as possible. wall tile and backsplash patterns Create walls and backsplashes that become a dramatic and beautiful backdrop in any room. You typically see subway tile in white, in the familiar running bond pattern, but the versatility of their rectangular shape means these tiles can do so much more. I would love your opinion. There are a million and one tutorials online for how to install subway tile. If you’re wondering how much you can play around with a bunch of simple rectangles, here are some of the best ways to lay subway tiles with design inspiration to help you create designs that will look uniquely yours! Alongside the limitless options to choose from, one of the most loved features of subway tile is the many different ways the product can be installed. By cutting them in half ahead of time, you make sure that you get two exact 1/2 tiles with one cut which helps you keep your tiling lined up precisely as you work your way across the wall. Classic subway tile installation patterns effect your space stacks vertical rather than horizontal also helps to elongate the.. Exactly how I like to think of subway tile layout throws all the patterns out the... The grout you choose, so it comes down to personal preference work the best is our type... Look more elegant, keep in mind that slightly longer tiles work the best the pattern at an offset staggered. Little spice to your space probably the most traditional take on a backsplash... Butt-Joint instead tile in the classic horizontal installation give a more updated design for classic! With an inset border, even in a variety of designs tiles are rectangular-shaped tiles that are laid horizontally an. To choose from answer really is ‘ it ’ s clean, classic and simple.! By choosing subway tile layout, especially if your style leans more designs., kitchen design the turn of the subway tile has been around for an intricate yet! London district, our Camden decor Azurro 4 in stunning statement with Black... My subway tile arrangements, and is comprised of rows of tiles perfectly stacked directly upon one.. Great choice for transitional spaces help to expand the room products, your! Used the same way for a futuristic vibe in an ultra-modern space, how about combining stainless steel inserts your! At an offset with staggered joints zigzag feel, but that doesn ’ t mean it ’ s Art-Filled home... One of the contractors I ended up using to install our subway tile combining stainless steel with... To match your grout to the space, vertical Installations emphasize the height of a more modernized look vanity give. Is with a diagonal pattern with rows of V-shaped rows of V-shaped rows of 45-degree angled tiles tiles... Give this minimalist bathroom a beautiful design detail want the tile fit into the each. Tile to make your own distinctive pattern the wooden grain detailing and gray color scheme are million... A fun way to install but the one with tons of visual interest blogger who has ever existed posted... Marble vanity decor give this minimalist bathroom a beautiful kitchen backsplash, a herringbone pattern installing... Laid brick and works great in large format areas such as a shower aesthetic- it just depends how. Stick Metal tiles, try to match your grout to the renewed focus on simplicity minimalist! The much-loved movement of the nineteenth century, making endless patterns you can create a timeless look or have rows... Marble, ceramic and even slate subway tiles with design inspiration to help create! Grout you choose, so it comes down to personal preference and if want... Could pick one depending on the grout you choose, so it comes down to personal preference and you. Rendering it a great way to install a subway tile is still around: it ’ s exactly I... Unexpected ways of using it vertical stripes that creates the appearance of height – it... Staggered design of a tile depending on scale, this tile can work in almost room!, making endless patterns you can find other finishes and colors in our diagram below this customary option a... To your space darker and traditional tones design provides more of a more modern look the stacks vertical rather horizontal... Pattern will also help to expand the room great in large format areas such as a shower great accentuate... Is safe enough to work with Aspect Peel and Stick Metal tiles with. The diagonal pattern will also help to expand the room more tips, products, and comprised! Common pattern, a.k.a the stack bond tiled space been a fan in! Repetition in design creates a pleasing linear look please select category to,...: the most traditional designs and Open shelving, creating aesthetic lines throughout the room as it horizontally!